On the customer side, we believe that the customer is everything! We love and adore our customers and know that they’re the only reason why we are here. We come into the restaurant everyday and do our best so they have a great experience. Durango is a vibrant tourist town, and one of the reasons owning a restaurant here is so fun! Around Christmas season, the skiers come in from all over the country to enjoy time with their families. People taking their summer vacations are coming out to Durango to visit Mesa Verde, ride the D&SNGRR Train, and take part in many other attractions here. There’s are a lot of people here in this small town and when they come to Gazpacho, they are going to be treated just like our locals that we see all winter and sustain us through the non-tourist times. Honestly, we just like everyone that comes through the door and hope they enjoy themselves and love our New Mexican cooking!

Matt Arias
Owner and Operator
Gazpacho New Mexican Restaurant

Gazpacho started and still is a family business and our employees are no exception. Each of our employees are a part of our family, not units of labor. We are very un-corporate and very family driven here. We know everyone’s business, and they know ours.  If someone is having a problem, we really try and help them and treat them as family; as you would want your son or daughter to be treated.

             We hope that while you are in Durango, you come into Gazpacho, meet our family, and become a part of it as well!

Before farm-to-table, eating local, and buying fresh were trends, we were doing it everyday. It is at the core of what we believe, how we cook, and what we want our customers to eat. We have always tried to buy as much product as we can locally; straight from the farmer and straight from the producer. We really never talked about it, as it was just something that always there. We thought everyone should be doing the same, and that it really was not worthy of bragging on.

But now that eating and buying local and fresh is the hot trend, we are trying to get the word out more. We have always bought our pinto beans locally; heck we have some of the best beans in the entire US that are grown locally, why would we want any others?​ ​We go down and get our own red chile from our farmer friends around Hatch, New Mexico. We’ll drive down there, spend the day, talk to the farmers, go out to the farm, and see the chile plants that are growing for the next year. Additionally, we always serve Honeyville Honey on the tables for the sopapillas. It is expensive and we give it away for free, but it’s just one of those underlying things that we’ve always done and that we never thought about.​

Our business philosophy here at Gazpacho is simple: Use the freshest & best ingredients we can, and stay true to the traditional New Mexican red & green chile. We try to incorporate New Mexican flavor into as many recipes as we can. Not just the sauce, but to the background of the dishes as well.

Straight from the Owner of Gazpacho…